About Compassion Tea

Compassion Tea shares teas to save lives by donating ALL profits to CompassioNow.

The perfect cup of tea begins with an invitation to relax and share time. A carefully observed ritual of brewing, steeping, and pouring follows. It is not hurried nor haphazard. It becomes the perfect time to care, reflect, and serve each other. Following this tradition, Compassion Tea Company seeks to inspire compassion through sharing tea while telling stories of real people and situations in far away parts of the world.

Compassion Tea Company was started by a group of individuals who are passionate about providing medical care to rural African villages. Each of these individuals, by traveling to Africa and experiencing first-hand the realities of African life, has grown in compassion for those least served. This compassion grew into a desire to further serve CompassioNow, a non-profit organization dedicated to sending medicines and medical equipment to clinics in Africa, and ultimately those peoples who benefit from the clinics supported by CompassioNow. Not only does Compassion Tea Company donate all after tax profits of their tea sales to CompassioNow, they offer tea events during which one can learn more about the fine art of drinking tea and its many flavors and nuances while also hearing about the work supported by CompassioNow. 

Compassion Tea Company teas are hand-selected by our founders after careful tasting and analysis of the notes, flavors, and quality of the individual teas. The teas represent the major tea regions of the world including up-and-coming African growing regions. Compassion Tea Company also offers blended and flavored teas and tisanes.

We are thrilled to share a cup of tea with you!